How to Best Care for and Preserve Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

How to Best Care for and Preserve Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

On average, a pair of eyewear lasts between one to three years. Several factors affect the longevity of this corrective or protective device for your eyes. Besides the changes to your eye prescription, the quality of the materials used also matter. These include how sturdy the frames are and whether your lenses have special coatings. Another consideration is how well you clean your eyewear. Do you want to avoid having to replace your eyewear often? Here are some tips on how to best care for and preserve your eyeglasses and sunglasses:



Rinse With Water

Wiping a dry lens can be abrasive. So, don’t forget to rinse off your glasses with water before wiping or cleaning them. Tiny particles of dust and dirt can settle on the lenses and damage them. Ensure that your hands are clean before washing your eyewear. Use mild soap to lather the frames and lenses slowly. Pay attention especially to the nose pads and temples, as debris often accumulates in these areas. Rinse your eyewear with clean, lukewarm water.


Spray Carefully

Are you going to use an eyeglass cleaning solution or cleansers specifically made to clean eyewear lenses? If so, spray the chemical carefully. Never use household cleaners as they contain ammonia, which can tear off any special coating on your lenses.



Wipe Them Dry

If possible, set your eyeglasses or sunglasses down to air dry. This is an excellent way to ensure that you prevent any debris from getting on your lenses. If it’s not possible to let them air dry, wipe them dry with a soft, clean cloth. After rinsing your eyewear with water, dry them with a microfiber or lint-free cloth. Avoid using tissue, paper towels, or table napkins, as these have textured surfaces. So, no matter how soft these materials feel on your skin, they can still easily scratch your lenses. Equally important is to avoid reaching for the tail of your shirt to clean your glasses. Unless your clothing is made of 100 percent cotton, the odds are that the fibers in the fabric will just scratch the lenses of your eyewear over time. Besides, your clothes may have dirt on them. This means that any residue can end up transferred to your delicate lenses. Ensure that you always use the right cloth to avoid damaging your lenses over time.



Store Properly

Don’t lay your eyewear with lenses facing down. This is essential to avoid causing any scratch on the lens surface. If you’re not wearing them, see to it that you store your glasses properly. A big bulky case is common. But if you want a sleeker one, there are also microfiber pouches available. Not only will this keep dust and dirt away from your eyewear, but it also protects them from scratches or getting bent or broken.



Handling Tips

Always use both of your hands when putting on and taking off your eyewear. Never leave them anywhere that exposes your glasses to direct sunlight, such as your car’s dashboard. Extreme heat may warp the frames or even crack the lenses. Don’t wear your eyeglasses or sunglasses when showering, swimming, or when playing high-impact sports.


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