What to Do if Experiencing an Eye Injury

What to Do if Experiencing an Eye Injury

An eye injury is a medical emergency. You should take it seriously and seek prompt medical attention to save your vision and prevent further complications. According to The American Academy of Ophthalmology, about 2.4 million Americans sustain eye injuries each year, 35 percent of those being from individuals between 18 and 45 years old.


The eye is made up of structures that protect it against injuries. However, dangerous accidents may destroy these structures and cause damage to eye tissues. Injuries can result from accidents or foreign objects in the eye.


What Are the Most Common Types of Eye Injuries?

Eye injuries range from mild to severe. Symptoms may differ depending on how serious the injury is and may appear suddenly or develop over time.


Here are some of the most common types of eye injuries:


Black Eye

You get a black eye when the tissues around your eyes get bruised. It causes pain and swelling and may interfere with your vision.


Burns and Irritation

This is mainly caused by chemicals, fumes, and other irritants. It may cause vision loss if not attended to immediately.


Orbital Fractures

Occurs when one of the bones surrounding your eyeball breaks. In more severe cases, the muscles that support the eye can stretch or tear. Getting hit with a fist or a baseball can cause an orbital fracture. It may result in swelling of the forehead and blurry, decreased, or double vision.


Retinal Detachment

It happens when the retina is pulled away from its normal position. It's caused by eye trauma or age-related changes. A detached retina can result in permanent vision loss if not treated immediately.


Injury From Foreign Objects

You may experience eye pain and vision problems when a foreign object lodges into your eye. Some objects that can enter your eyes include shattered glass, sawdust, and dirt. Contact lenses can also cause eye injury if you leave them in for too long.


First Aid Care for Eye Injuries

First-aid measures vary depending on the magnitude and type of eye injury you've sustained. Here are some of the first aid measures you can take for minor eye injuries:


Chemical Burns

Chemical burns are common both at home and in the workplace. You should always wear safety glasses when handling toxic chemicals to prevent injury.


To relieve your eyes from chemical burns, you should:


  • Flush your eyes with water for 15 to 20 minutes

  • Keep your eyes open until all the chemicals get flushed out. Closing them will trap in the chemicals, causing more damage


Injury Caused by Foreign Objects

Typically, the eye cleans itself of debris and dirt by producing tears. But when it cannot remove the object by itself, you can take the following measures:


  • Lift your upper eyelid and roll your eyes around

  • Flush your eyes with water and keep them open till the object is eliminated

  • Don't rub your eyes


Cuts on the Eye or Eyelid

This type of injury calls for immediate medical care. But before you get to your doctor, follow the following first aid steps to ensure safety:


  • Cover the eye with an eye shield

  • Don't wash your eye. If there is any object trapped inside, do not remove it

  • Seek immediate medical attention


Need an Emergency Eye Treatment?

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