Keeping Eyes Healthy As You Age: Top Tips

Keeping Eyes Healthy As You Age: Top Tips

Healthy eyes are a vital part of good overall health. Many changes occur as people age, and these include vision changes. As you grow older, your vision will likely change, and you may experience eye issues. 

Fortunately, you do not have to look forward to vision loss or blindness in your sunset years. You can start taking good care of your eye health for overall well-being. Here are the top tips on keeping your eyes healthy as you age. 


Protection From UV Rays


Prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage the eyes and increase the risk of developing eye conditions such as cataracts. It is crucial to ensure that you protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Wearing UV-blocking sunglasses when you go outside will help keep your eyes safe. You should also wear a wide-brimmed hat to keep your eyes well-shaded. 


Avoid Smoking


Smoking is bad not just for your lungs and overall health but also for your eye health. If you smoke, it can lead to eye damage as you age. The habit increases your risk of developing cataracts, macular degeneration, and other eye diseases. Quit the unhealthy habit, and your aging eyes will thank you for it.  


Eat a Healthy Diet 


A healthy or nutritious diet will help keep your eyes healthy. Increase your daily consumption of fruits and vegetables as you age. Daily intake of antioxidants helps reduce the risk of developing age-related eye conditions. You should also consume more oily fish, nuts, and whole grains and avoid refined carbohydrates and sugar. Add a multivitamin to your daily regimen. 


Stay Well Hydrated


Drink plenty of water daily to keep your eyes healthy and hydrated. Dry eye is a common issue as people age. Apart from drinking water, you can also increase your intake of low-fat milk and fruit juice for calcium and vitamins. Limit your consumption of alcohol and caffeinated drinks, and avoid beverages with added sugar. 


Get Adequate Sleep


Some people experience sleep difficulties as they age, hurting their health. Getting enough sleep each night is suitable for your physical health and eyes. Resting your eyes and body will help prevent eyestrain, headaches, and other symptoms. Being well rested will refresh your eyes and improve your overall well-being. 


Use Safety Eyewear


Wearing protective goggles when working or playing sports will help keep your eyes safe from airborne materials and injury. Wear eye protection or helmets with protective masks to shield your eyes from debris and impact from sports equipment.


Regular Eye Exams


Eye practitioners recommend scheduling more frequent eye exams as people age. Annual exams after age 40 will help the doctor look for early signs of eye diseases. Early detection and diagnosis of diseases can increase the chances of effective treatment. Regular eye exams are vital for people with existing medical conditions. Medical conditions such as diabetes can increase the risk of developing eye conditions. 

Avoid prolonged computer use to protect your eyes from digital eyestrain. If you wear contacts, ensure that you take good care of your lenses. Make sure your prescription is up-to-date. 

For more on keeping your eyes healthy as you age, visit Lifetime Vision and Eye Care Inc. at our Miami Gardens, Florida office. Call (305) 902-3320 to schedule an appointment today.

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