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contact lenses

Would you like to wear your glasses-less?
Are you an active individual who would like more freedom from your glasses?
Are you interested in the possibility of changing your eye color?
Have you thought about getting contact lenses but don’t know if they will work for you?

Contact lenses work very well for individuals who desire more freedom from the constant need to wear glasses. Here at Lifetime Vision and Eye Care, we offer many contact lens options to help you regardless of your visual needs. Dr. Thayil will be more than happy to discuss your options like a contact lens wearer. We specialize in fitting contact lenses for:

  • Distance vision

  • Near vision

  • Correction for astigmatism

  • Dry and irritated eyes

  • Keratoconus

  • Colored contact lenses

It's important to know that not all contact lenses are the same. Contact lenses must be professionally fit by your eye care provider. Once Dr. Thayil has performed your eye examination and then discussed how you use your eyes throughout the day, he will make the right decision to meet your visual needs.

Prior to getting your contact lenses, an exam and fitting will include:

A comprehensive eye exam

  • Contact lens measurements

  • Corneal curvature

  • Pupil and iris size

  • Tear film evaluation

Diagnostic lenses will often be used to verify the contact lens selection. Follow-up visits are scheduled to confirm the fit and safety.

If you have never worn contact lenses before, we will take the time to train you on their appropriate use. Call right now to make an appointment for an examination or a consultation.

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