The Importance of Back-to-School Eye Exams for Kids

The Importance of Back-to-School Eye Exams for Kids

Getting prepared to go back to school is a rush for both parents and kids. Since getting everything the kids need for school can get overwhelming, you might forget that the little ones need to go through medical checks. 

Children’s learning is 80 percent visual, so you need to make sure they are visually sound to perform at their best. Arguably, their visual health will determine how well they are at learning and athletics. Here’s why it is important to have a visual checkup before school.

When an Eye Checkup Is Necessary

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, a child should have an eye checkup before turning three years. After that, they should go for a checkup every one to two years, until turning 19. Most children have eye problems detectable and solvable from a young age.

Visual Problems During Childhood

To identify whether your child needs vision correction, you must watch them. For instance, your child is likely to sit in a classroom position that is straining to their eyes. Their curriculum could be incorporating a lot of screen time. Also, your child may face athletic challenges from eye strain. 

As you prepare your child for school, ensure they go for an eye exam to see how their visual health is. Possible visual problems to be found are binocular vision dysfunction, farsightedness, and lazy eye. The earlier the intervention, the easier it is for them to get treatment. 

Children Are Unable to Detect Failing Visual Signs

Most children will not know about their eye problems. In fact, some proceed with schoolwork without mentioning they are straining. As such, the teacher is the most likely one to detect some signs. As a parent, you can also be in the know by asking your child if they exhibit any of the following symptoms: squinting their eyes, having difficulty in reading, or having constant fatigue episodes. 

Look out for the tilting of their head, abnormal sensitivity to light, or having white pupils. Other signs include them sitting too close to the screen or reading a book too closely. You may also spot them having chronic tearing and redness of the eyes.

Take Your Child for the Eye Exam 

Preparing a child for an eye exam will ensure they are more confident in the process. It would be best if you attended an earlier appointment with them for familiarity. Ensure they are alert and happy, as fatigue may give the wrong results.  

Start them off by knowing why it is important to have their eyes checked. Ensure your child knows there are no wrong answers in the test to promote honesty. It will also be great when your child knows they will need to identify objects, shapes, and sizes. All this will make your eye exam visit smooth.


Empower your child to have a better learning experience at school by investing in eye care. Every time children prepare to go back to school, take them for a comprehensive eye examination. 

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