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Not every eye issue requires the immediate attention of a professional optometrist. However, there are many instances whereby urgent help must be sought in order to prevent or limit any permanent damage to your vision.

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Some of the most common eye-related emergencies that we see at our optometry center in Miami Gardens include the following:

Foreign objects in the eye

It is very easy for small specks of dirt and debris to become trapped in the moisture of our eyes or under the inner eyelids. In most instances, these don’t do any damage and it is a simple process of blinking or rinsing them out. However, if something larger becomes stuck in your eye, you may need professional help to remove it and to ensure that your vision isn’t adversely affected. It is essential that you don’t rub your eye or pull out anything that seems like it is stuck. Instead, cover it with a paper cup and get in to see us as soon as you can.

Chemical burns

There are a variety of ways in which chemical burns can affect our eyes. We may be handling chemicals and inadvertently touch our eyes, we may lean over or into chemical vapors without the necessary eye protection, or we may even accidentally spray a chemical cleaning product in the wrong direction with the mist catching us in the face. Whatever way they happen, chemical burns can have serious consequences for our vision and are a common cause of vision loss. Urgent rinsing in warm water is crucial and you should arrange to get checked out by our team as soon as possible.

Cuts, scratches and other abrasions to the surface of the eye (cornea)

Corneal abrasions are a very common eye emergency. Many are mild and do not require immediate attention, such as a slight scratch caused by accidentally rubbing your eye whilst it contains sand or grit. However, some are more significant and can result in a clear wound on the surface of the eye. If this happens, you are at risk of developing an infection that could put your sight at risk. You may even find that the location of the abrasion has an effect on your vision. If you think that you may have moderately cut or scratched your eye, it is safer to get it looked at by a member of our optometry team.

Sudden vision loss

We rely on our vision more than any other sense, and it when it becomes compromised, day to day life becomes a lot more difficult. As you might expect, suddenly finding that you can see properly, or at all, is extremely frightening. Any form of sudden vision loss is usually caused by problems along with the visual pathway from the eyes to the brain and this represents an emergency situation. There can be a variety of causes, from trauma to the eye to blocked blood flow to the eye, to a condition called retinal detachment. It is essential that you are seen by our team immediately so that we can arrange for urgent diagnosis and treatment to preserve your vision.

Sudden severe eye pain

It isn’t abnormal for our eyes to become uncomfortable or even painful from time to time. However, if you experience the sudden onset of severe eye pain, you must be seen by an emergency optometrist immediately so that the cause can be established and, if necessary, treatment provided. Some of the causes of sudden, severe eye pain can cause temporary or permanent vision loss, and these may be able to be avoided with prompt treatment. Examples include acute glaucoma and retinal detachment.

If you have suffered an accident or injury or another problem that has affected your eyes that you feel warrants immediate attention, don’t delay in seeking an emergency appointment with our experienced and skilled optometry team. Contact our offices in Miami Gardens, FL today by calling (305) 902-3320.

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