Pediatric Eye Exams

Pediatric Eye Exams in Miami Gardens, FL

If you have a child who you think could use an eye exam, consider calling Lifetime Vision and Eye Care. Our professional and caring staff can help you ensure that your child receives the best possible eye care. Many of our patients aren’t sure about when to bring their child in for an appointment or feel like they cannot adequately prepare a child for their appointment. We wanted to make sure to clear up any potential issues so that you can come into our offices feeling confident that you are making the right decision.

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When to Schedule an Eye Exam

Experts suggest that 80 percent of learning happens visually. This means that any imperfections in your vision can have serious long-term effects on your child’s ability to master fundamental education principles. The American Optometric Association suggest that children should be seen by their eye doctor at six months of age, three years of age, at the start of school and then every two years thereafter.

Additionally, if you or your doctor notice that there are any issues with your child’s eyes, like a lazy eye, crossed eyes, family history of issues, or an injury, you may need to schedule appointments more frequently. If you are not sure if you need to schedule an appointment, feel free to contact Lifetime Vision and Eye Care and talk to our friendly staff. We can work with you to identify your concerns and see if a visit is warranted.

The First Exam

In the first exam, our staff is looking to ensure that development is on track and that there are no issues that appear with their ability to track and focus on objects. If issues are identified at the first exam, they have a higher success rate of being treated if they can be caught early.

If your child was born premature or if there were difficulties during your pregnancy or delivery, your child may be at higher risk of certain eye conditions. Ensure that you discuss these issues with your doctor so that we can specifically discuss and monitor any of possible issues.

The Next Exams

Children over the course of their next few exams are experiencing rapid growth and development. Intellectual and motor skills are a big focus for these children, and issues with their vision can start to have effects outside of their ability to see.

Issues with lazy eyes or strabismus (crossed eyes) will frequently present during these exams. If you begin to notice that your child is not tracking movement properly, or that their eyes are not moving in tandem, you should schedule an appointment today. The sooner these are treated, the higher the success rate.

School-Aged Exams

Once your child has entered school, even minor issues with blurry vision can have a big impact. At this point, unless there is an injury or sickness, the concern for strabismus or lazy eye decreases as the muscles are stronger and more developed.

These exams will ensure that your child’s vision is sharp and clear so that they can properly read and see objects that are close (i.e., books and their own writing) and objects that are far away (the front of the classroom or objects like a ball).

If you notice that your child is suddenly having a difficult time with school, or catch them squinting at objects further away, it is time to schedule an eye exam.


If you have a child but are not sure when to schedule their eye exam, call our offices today. The friendly staff at Lifetime Vision and Eye Care can discuss your concerns and make sure that we take care of your child today!

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